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Port of Seattle, Washington

Trip Day Two: Sunday, September 23, 2007


We didn't join the majority of passengers for drinks and a sail-away party on one of the upper decks. Instead, we watched for departure above the bow, on the outside access of Baja Deck. We noticed that we were moving at 4:43 PM.
The process was silent and smooth. Only our eyes told of the event.

We passed a pier where the U.S. Coast Guard was docked as we backed into Puget Sound from our berth.

Fellow passengers enjoy the Seattle skyline as we embark on a colossal adventure for the next 30 days as we cross the vast Pacific Ocean.

The circular Weston Towers show prominently in this picture.
Our room was in the shorter of the two, behind the orange crane working a construction site in a nearer Seattle downtown neighborhood.

The Princess flag waves proudly on the bow staff as we head for the Juan de Fuca Strait that separates Vancouver Island from Washington's Olympic Peninsula, and the open sea.

We spent a day at sea while sailing down the coast of North America. Then we experienced the glorious entry to San Francisco Harbor through the Golden Gate.

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