Northeastern Washington

Grand Coulee
Victoria's Garden
Trip Day Nineteen: June 30, 2000
An Eagle Looking For Dinner

Where can you go and sit outside your room and take pictures of and eagle perched almost right in front of you? I kept taking pictures until I finally got a couple that were satisfactory. The eagle sat there, maybe 20 or 30 minutes. We've seen eagles in Alaska and Canada, but none better than at Grand Coulee Dam.

We'll watch the Laser Light Show from the gazebo when it gets dark, about 10 PM.

The dam is the display screen, and your radio serves as the speaker for the broadcast sound. Some of the designs are just that, and some are theme related, such the history and purpose of the dam. No, I'll admit, we don't have a camera that would get these pictures. We borrowed them from postcards we bought at a local restaurant.

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