Day 6, Saturday, August 18, 2001

The Madeline Island ferry passengers disembark at the Bayfield Dock.

Recorded history of the Apostle Island area goes back to the 1600s with the first French explorers and missionaries. Bayfield was established in 1856, and for the remainder of the 19th century experienced rapid growth in lumber, sandstone, shipping and commercial fishing. Elegant Victorian homes were built by lumbermen and wealthy visiters to Bayfield.

Many of the old brownstone buildings in New York City were build of stone quarried in Bayfield. The stone was shipped across the great lakes, up the St. Lawrence Seaway to the Atlantic Ocean, then down the east coast to New York Harbor.

Once and important port for Lake Superior shipping,
now the Bayfield Marina hosts mostly pleasure boats.

We had a waiting-list reservation on the Apostle Islands sightseeing cruise boat. We went to the pier to see if we could get a place on the 10 AM cruise this morning.

A young woman records the scene with her camera.

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