Dubois, Wyoming

Trip Day Four: June 15, 2000
Breakfast Stop

Dubois is about 75 miles northwest of Lander. In our car, that's about breakfast time if we didn't stay at a facility that offers breakfast as part of the room rental. The gals at the Cowboy Cafe make breakfast almost an entertainment feature, kidding the customers and getting everyone talking.

Notice the beryls on the posts. See the Las Vegas, N. M. site for a beryl on a live tree.

Check here to learn a lot more about Dubois.

Theme of the Old West for Main Street

Like many other towns that we visited, Dubois recognizes the value of an attractive facade to attract visitors. Every building on Main Street was of log construction fronted with covered board walks.

In Lander, almost every building on the highway was well maintained. Although they didn't follow a single theme as those in Dubois did, each had a fresh coat of paint, and was nicely landscaped where feasible.

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