Togwotee Pass, Wyoming

Along US-287 West of Dubois
Trip Day Four: June 15, 2000
Into the Forest!

West of Dubois, we have been following a valley between ridges that form two branches of the continental divide. Then we climb the mountains and we're in the forest.

Rocky peaks grow larger ...

... until they become Grand Teton size!

Highway 287 near the eastern edge of Grand Teton National Park

If you're driving this way, be sure to watch for the overlook somewhere not far west of the 9658 ft. summit. There's not much warning before the turnoff road that climbs a knoll to the north side of the road. If you're approaching the Grand Tetons from the east, the time you take for this short interruption of your travel will be amply rewarded. Our little cameras didn't pickup the mountain peaks in the distance, but the memory of the spectacle endures. (There are comfort facilities up there too.)

This is a hint of what's to come. Next, we will hop over to Jackson, where we will behave as tourists for an afternoon and spend the night.

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