Jackson, Wyoming

Trip Day Four: June 15, 2000
Rob Young shows us an obsidian knife.

This young geologist chooses to be an artifact salesman and climbing instructor in the tourist season so that he can persue his loved activity, mountain climbing between times. His knowledge and appreciation of gemstones makes a visit to Sundance Indian Arts a pleasure.

I wonder how many college-educated young people work at jobs requiring less than their training in order to climb mountains. These young to middle-aged people often work as tourist guide-naturalists in the summer, too.

Obsidian is a naturally-occuring volcanic glass. The mineral was chipped and shaped into a knife in much the same way as the ancients formed their tools.

The Stage Stops in Jackson

Accommodations can be a bit pricy in Jackson.
For a decent room at a reasonable price, try the Antler Inn.

For all kinds of visitor information about the valley of Jackson Hole check this website.

The Mountains of Grand Teton National Park

Next, we'll visit Grand Teton National Park.

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