Lander, Wyoming

Popo Agie State Park

Trip Day Three: June 14, 2000

We arrived in Lander at about 2:30 PM. There are several motels in town, but most are of the 30s and 40s vintage, but well maintained. The Best Western looked fairly new, so we decided to get a room there. Surprise! They were booked! As were the all the newer motels.

The moral of the story is, if you will be staying in Lander, Wyoming in the summer time, call ahead and get reservations. We were lucky to find a room at the Maverick. This older motel is run by a formerly retired couple who were very eager to make us comfortable and they did. It's a lot of miles between towns large enough to have motels. They fill up early.

Had we planned to travel through Lander we'd have known about The Bunk House and The Cottage House of Squaw Creek.

The park was named for the river that created the canyon.

It was quite surprising to find this scenic canyon just outside of Lander. We decided to go out there and plant watermellons. That is, we bought a quarter of a chilled mellon, and took it out to the picnic tables by the river, and ate the mellon and spit the seeds. It was certainly a nice way to cool off after a hectic day on the road.

Sit back and enjoy this little park.

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