Lander, Wyoming

Popo Agie State Park

Trip Day Three: June 14, 2000
The Popo Agie River

Like almost everywhere that hasn't been flooding in this country, the locals complain that they didn't get much moisture during the winter. The river is way down from normal.

These pictures of this river show those of us from arid lands how rivers dig canyons. Imagine this little river carrying these big boulders! Snow was still melting in the high country where this stream begins.

The amazing thing about this river is that it disappears then reappears again about a quarter mile down stream. Notice that the river flows into a cave in the bottom picture on this page.

Canyon Making in Action

The Popo Agie Sink

This is were the river disappears. Locals tell us that in a normal year there is much too much water for the cave to handle, so that the overflow continues down the river channel above ground. This year we got to see it all disappear.

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