Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Trip Day Five: June 16, 2000
Buffalo at the Inn

We didn't see any bears in the park, or on the trip, for that matter. But we did see a lot of buffalo (American Bison) in the park. Here, one munches contendedly on the lawn outside Old Faithful Inn. Sorry, but he just didn't want to turn around for a picture of his best side.

Old Faithful Inn

If you're not staying there, what better way is there to see the famous old inn than to have lunch there? It is difficult to imagine the size of this space from a picture. It is so large that it is difficult to get enough light to get a picture to capture it all.

We borrowed this photo, taken by Russ Finley and published as a postcard by Hamilton Stores, Inc.

Upper Geyeser Basin

Photographed from our seats while waiting for Old Faithful to be faithful and erupt on schedule.

We'll watch her blow in the next few pictures.

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