Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

The North Loop
Trip Day Six: June 17, 2000
Blacktail Dear Plateau

This is along the central part of the northern loop between Mammoth Hot Springs and Tower-Roosevelt Village.

Tower Falls

Near the Northeast Entrance Road —
US-212, Tower Creek tumbles into the Yellowstone river from a hanging valley. Like many of Yellowstone's waterfalls, Tower Falls began as a low ledge at the junction of two different bedrocks. Rock at the brink and underlying the fall is a tough volcanic breccia; the weaker downstream rock erodes faster. Where Tower Creek drops into space, imagine the missing streambed—a channel of softer rock long since worn away.

Just downstream from the base of the Fall, the Yellowstone River enters a narrow, swift-running gorge. tower Creek cannot downcut fast enough to keep pase—and is left hanging high above the river.

Time Out

You've got to take a little time to look at the trees and flowers too.

Owen Tyler examines at a young fir tree at left. Below, lupins grew near one of the overlooks.

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