Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

The Grand Canyon Of The Yellowstone
Trip Day Six: June 17, 2000
The Lower Falls and Upper Falls of the Yellowstone River

The River Gorge

Shifting Ground

An information display near the overlook where we viewed the lower falls had this message:
Before the earthquake on June 30, 1975, the observation platform extended one hundred feet farther into the canyon. The main tremor and numerous aftershocks measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale shattered a protion of the cliff, tumbling it into the gorge.

Up and down the canyon you can see evidence of other rockfalls. This section of the Yellowstone River overlies a major fracture zone, and the park records thousands of minor tremors annually. Do not assume the scenery will be the same when you return.

We once took pictures of both the upper and lower falls from the overlook where we could see only the Lower Falls on this trip.

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