Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

A New Beginning
From Ashes A New Beginning

Don't wait until the new forest matures before you visit.

It will take a while. Meanwhile, more and more visitors come to the park every year. The Park Service has done a beautiful job in making space for all of us in the park. It is huge and everybody isn't at the same place at the same time. Except, maybe at the Old Faithful viewing area. But get there early, and maybe, bring a snack, and just wait for the next show.

We're glad we stopped by on our way to Canada, but it would be nice to take more than two days to see it. We've just 'scratched the surface' showing you a few of the highlights of Yellowstone. There's much, much more to see.

We stayed in West Yellowstone, Montana. It's conveniently located just outside the west entrance of the park. The Stage Coach Inn has comfortable rooms at a reasonable price. They have a restaurant in the building, and the food isn't bad. But you might want to look elsewhere for some of your meals.

Next we're headed for Whitefish, Montana, near the West Entrance of Glacier National Park.

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