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Bora Bora     

Trip Day Fifteen: Saturday, October 6, 2007     

Teavanui Pass

Channel Markers

The red marker goes on the port side and the green marker on the starboard side.
It sure doesn't look like there was any extra room for Sun Princess to squeeze in between. It would not due to scrape the reef with the bottom of the ship.
From this distance you can see the narrow space between the white rows of breakers on the reef. It's now much easier to understand the dilemma of the people of Palau who must wait for high tide to provide enough water above the deepest top of the reef to have clearance for even small boats. (Palau is an island nation about 500 miles east of the Philippines.)
The map above provides some insight in the reef and island forms.

We are now coming close to the entry across the reef.
The reef is very close to the surface here.

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