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Bora Bora, Society Islands     

Trip Day Fifteen: Saturday, October 6, 2007     

Entering the Lagoon
via Teavanui Pass

We might say that we were in the throat of the Bora Bora entry through the reef.
Imagine the difficulty faced by early navigators in getting to this island!
Want to stay in a little grass shack on the reef?
You can bet a stay in one of these babies will set you back a little.
They start at $1450 per night at the Bora Bora Nui Resort!
The water washes over the shallow reef.
You can bet there is deep water ahead, though, or we wouldn't be going in there.
Cruise ships draft around 25 feet on average, and they allow plenty of water to pad that amount, of that you can be sure.
Some friendly surfers near the reef wave a surf board as we pass by.
Do these pictures make you wonder the range of coral reefs in our oceans?
If so click on this link for a map of the locations of coral reefs. Here's another.
We found there are a lot more of them than we had previously realized.

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