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Bora Bora     

Trip Day Fifteen: Saturday, October 6, 2007     

Along The Shoreline

It is 12:11 PM, we're a little behind schedule, but nearly to our anchorage. We have a scheduled snorkeling excursion at 2:00 PM, so it's time to go to lunch and get ready.
This may be Bora Bora Nui, a resort where the over-water cabins start at $720 per person per night. The tender in the foreground, LB12 a.k.a. Life Boat 12 also would serve in that capacity if needed in an emergency.
You have to wonder where the freighters bringing supplies for the island unload cargo.
Notice the breakers on the reef in the background.
Boarding the Tenders
This picture shows them loading two tenders at the same time. That's the first time we've noticed this happening on a cruise ship. They also seemed to be sending passengers down a stairway from a deck above the loading platforms. The passengers were plenty perturbed about the handling of disembarkation at ports-of-call, particularily where tenders were involved. Have you ever had to stand in line with 2000 people in order to get a tender ride to shore? Usually they will have the tour groups meet at some location on the ship then escort the group together to get off the boat and load on the bus or tender. This bunch just told people what time to meet their tour on the pier. As it turned out with the Bora Bora Tours, many in the first groups missed their tours entirely.

Sun Princess arrived a little late, and that made everything run late, and caused a lot of confusion.

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