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Bora Bora     

Trip Day Fifteen: Saturday, October 6, 2007     

Adventures Ashore in Vaitape

Vaitape seemed to have a few shops for the tourists to spend their money in. We came across a jewelry store and went in for a look around. This store was there for the people who inhabit the $1500 a night resorts. They specialized in black pearls—and they were beautiful creations.
We looked at one necklace that was $22,000! It was a single strand of graduated and matched pearls. It was lovely, but just a scoche above our budget.
Get your coconuts here! I suppose they are pretty careful to harvest these giant nuts before they're mature enough to fall of their own accord. But watch your head, in any event. On the right: a dog sleeps in the middle of the milling crowd at the local visitor information center. Everything was running late, and people didn't know what to do and they weren't getting much information either.
Eventually the first snorkeling group came back and we loaded up to go out about 4PM.
Some didn't get to go because of the number who had missed the first group to go out, there were too many for all to be included in the second group.

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