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Bora Bora     

Trip Day Fifteen: Saturday, October 6, 2007     

Snorkel Safari and Ray Ballet

This was our group leader, guide, and pilot. He and his female assistant were French.
A catamaran with a larger group follows our small boat to the snorkeling site. We had waited for the larger boat, and when someone asked why we were waiting, our guide said he didn't have enough snorkels for us, they were on the other boat. As it turned out, all in our boat had brought their own equipment. So, he went on. If you go snorkeling on an excursion like this, we definitely recommend that you bring you own snorkel and mask. They don't take a lot of room in your luggage.
The Catamaran
Rays of Bora Bora

Actually, this picture was taken at the Maui Ocean Center. They did such a good job with creating the authentic habitat for these fish, that this is exactly what we saw snorkeling in the lagoon at Bora Bora—the rays, the white bottom sand (crushed coral), the rocks, other fish, everything, but there were some sea urchins with long spines tucked in around the bases of the rocks. We did buy an underwater housing for our Canon PowerShot SD800 IS, but left it home because of luggage weight constraints.
Some of our fellow snorkelers dry off while we get ready to move to the second site out on the reef. We were very happy with our new snorkels. They are what is called dry snorkels, that is they are equipped with valves that close if the snorkel is submerged or if water is splashed into them. This way, you won't take in a breath of water by accident. These snorkels cost about $45 and are well worth the small difference in cost.

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