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Bora Bora     

Trip Day Fifteen: Saturday, October 6, 2007     

Snorkeling on the Reef

About half our group rode on the catamaran, shown here as we were about to move to a reef location. We were surprised that the water was so cool, almost cold, actually. But we got used to it soon after taking the plunge. The water was also shallow, and we had to be careful not to step on the rays that swam under out feet. The object was not to put feet down on the white sand. Our guides said they didn't want us to wear fins because they would stir up the sand and cloud the water and make visibility under water nil.
Here, we're moving to the reef location. We found that floating with snorkel on, and head in the water, absolutely no trouble what-so-ever. No noodle, or fins were needed to keep us afloat and simple hand paddling was all that was needed to move around. But of course, we stayed fairly close to the boat, so that we never had any distance to swim.
It was 5:30 PM and not long before sun down. It was time for us to head for shore then back to the ship. Several of us had changed to the catamaran because the smaller boat needed to lighten the load. In this picture, our guide stands on the roof of the smaller boat taking inventory of his passengers. A couple of them had not yet come in.
We wait for the last couple of swimmers to come in while breakers crash on the reef.
And he looks to be sure no more are still out there.

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