Hilo, Island of Hawaii

A Visit to Akatsuka Orchid Gardens
Monday, October 9th 2000

On the way out of the city we passed by many steel-roofed houses. The steel roofs must be kept in good repair and painted to prevent the wet climate from rusting them.

Hilo and the area around it is inhabited by former sugar cane workers.
Because of the volcanic nature of the islands, water is not readily available in all rural subdivisions. The people must use cisterns to save rain water for household use.

Because Hawaiian real estate has become so valuable, the state has enacted programs to help the people obtain homes. To get a program house one must be of at least 50% Hawaiian blood. The house can be passed along to descendants, but if sold, it must be sold back to the program and only for the amount invested in the property, including improvements.

We have never seen so many beautiful orchids as those at the Akatsuka Orchid Gardens. They come in every color. "Gee, I want a sample of each one." They don't have a website, but here's one that has their address and phone number.

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