Hilo, Island of Hawaii

A Black Sand Beach
Monday, October 9th 2000

We have stopped at what used to be a black sand beach until a lava flow covered it. Our schedule didn't permit a hike all the way out to the ocean to see if any sand had formed since that eruption. But we saw some interesing lava, and those pictures follow.

See the ferns sprouting in the cracks of the p„hoehoe.

When we saw the impressions in the lava pictured below, we wondered how they had occured.

We soon found what we sought in a tree nearby. The impressions were of fruit that had been pitched into the hot lava! So somebody was standing within throwing distance while the lava was flowing!
No doubt it was somebody that lived or worked in the complex where our bus had parked. There were a few houses and a small restaurant there.

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