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The Windward Coast
of the Big Island, Hawaii

Trip Day Nine: Sunday, September 30, 2007
Pepe'ekoe Scenic Drive North of Hilo
1412-Pepe'okeoScenicDrive-RiverExitsLavaTube -0939a-070930
River Exits Underground Lava Tube
1413-Pepe'okeoScenicDrive-RiverExitsLavaTube - 0939a-070930
There IS light at the end of the tube!
Dim light in the distance indicates the serpentine course of the river.
Lava tubes are formed down in the center of a large lava flow when the outer sections of the flow begin to cool and solidify. The lava in the center retains its heat and gravity pulls the molton rock down hill. If the lava remains hot enough to continue its journey down hill at the end of the eruption, an empty tube remains.
Here's a link to more detailed information.
1415-Pepe'okeoScenicDrive-RiverExitsLavaTube -0940a-070930
The waters of this river rush into rock-strewn rapids after leaving the lava tube.
1417-c-Nutmeg-Green&YellowFruit -0941a-070930
Photo by Pat Tyler

Green & Yellow Nutmeg

070930-c-TreeFlowers -0942a-7738.
Photo by Owen Tyler

Ubiquitous Red-orange Flowers

Foliage of the Rain Forest

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