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Windward Coast of the Island of Hawaii

Trip Day Nine: Sunday, September 30, 2007

Town of Honoka'a

Photo by Owen Tyler
Manane Street in Honoka'a

Things were pretty quiet at 1:30 on a Sunday afternoon.
Photo by Owen Tyler
This was the main highway, so there was a bit of traffic.
One shop was open. That was the one in the building with the green front, next to the clump of trees. We were supposed to have an opportunity to shop, so we cruised through that one. But there was nothing there that we couldn't live without. I should have taken some pictures of the crystal shop. A lady there had some very large quartz crystals that were interesting, but not affordable for a non-collector.
Photo by Owen Tyler

Photo by Owen Tyler
Location, location, location!!!
This 3 bedroom, 1 bath, 864 square foot house is on a 10,381 square foot lot.
It is in town on Waipi'o Road and offered for only $489,000.
This was the cheapest of the houses we noticed in the window of the local realtor.
Just in case you might be interested.

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