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Windward Coast of the Island of Hawaii

Trip Day Nine: Sunday, September 30, 2007

World Botanical Gardens

1500p-070930-7810-NorfolkIslandPine@World Botanical Gardens
Photo by Owen Tyler
Pampered House Plants
grow quite happily on the eastern slopes of Mauna Kea. This tree is native to Norfolk Island which is east of Brisbane, Australia and northwest of Wellington, New Zealand. It is best known as Norfolk Island Pine. These trees are often seen in Hawaii.

They are becoming popular in the United States for use as small Christmas trees, which would give the Christmas decorations a decidedly tropical flavor. I can't quite see them used in a traditional snow scene, can you?

By 3 PM we were driving through these botanical gardens to an over look where we could view Umauma Falls.

1501p-070930-7811-Breadfruit@World Botanical Gardens
Photo by Owen Tyler
We saw some larger breadfruit trees in this garden than those that were previously displayed. The fruit clusters on the main branches if not the trunk of the tree. They bake the fruit for a starchy vegetable in their diet and they also can make glue from it!
1455p-070930-7800-Breadfruit@World Botanical Gardens
Photo by Owen Tyler
Photo by Owen Tyler

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