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Windward Coast of the Island of Hawaii

Trip Day Nine: Sunday, September 30, 2007

World Botanical Gardens
Palms and Other Interesting Botanicals

Palms and other botanicals


Bushes with Flower Clusters
These bushes grew large and were covered with flower clusters.
7752-Detail of a flower cluster

Photo by Owen Tyler
Travelers Palms

That's the common name, but actually they aren't palms at all.
The botanical name for these lovely trees is: Ravenala madagascariensis.

This native to madagascar gets its common name from the fact that thirsty travelers could find stores of water in many parts of the plant including the leaf folds, flower bracts and inside each of the hollow leaf bases which may hold up to one quart of water!

Although not a true palm, the traveler's palm is considered one of the most striking and unique trees in nature. It is perfect for that special accent in your tropical landscape.

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