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Trip Day Nine: Sunday, September 30, 2007
We had been at sea four days, so we were up early and watching for glimpses of land,
and ready to watch our entry into the Port of Hilo.
1386-HiloHarbor-ChannelMarker -0621a-070930-
6:21 AM ~ We glide through the narrow channel markers into Hilo Bay.
The bouys are so close that we seem to thread the needle to safely get through the coral reef. Although the harbor seems to be wide open to the sea, there is a coral reef separating the bay from the open sea.
1390-Sunrise@HiloHarbor - 0642a-070930-
The rain clouds seem to confirm its claim as the wettest city in the world. Hilo at sea level receives more than 100 inches per year and that amount increases with the elevation up slope.
1392-Sunrise@HiloPort - 0647a-070930
The sun rises over the port as Sun Princess sidles into her berth at the Hilo pier.
We've been here before. In October 2000, we were greeted by a group of Hilo
entertainers set up with their singers, dancers and musicians near the long yellow warehouse on the left side of the picture. Now they aren't allowed near the pier.
7730-BridgeOverseesDocking 0703a-070930
Officers Oversee Docking
Two officers of the bridge stand on the little overlook so they can monitor our position as the big ship moves toward the pier. Notice the narrow band of water that is shrinking at the right edge of the picture above. This operation requires so much finesse to avoid damage to the ship and to the pier. It wouldn't take much of a bump to cause catastrophic damage. We have never heard or felt the tiniest bump during this operation on any ship we have ridden. All modern ships have this capability of moving sideways.

7729-HiloPort 0703a-070930
7:00 AM ~ We are now docked and tour busses begin to gather near the pier.
The temporary shelter surrounded by the yellow barriers houses the security officers who will inspect passengers and baggage when we return to the ship after a day in port.

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