Island of Kauai

Island Helicopters
Wednesday, October 11th, 2000

In addition to movie making, there are pineapple fields in the caldera.

Everybody gets their picture taken as they alite from the helicopter. The rotor is still going, so you're a bit wind blown in the picture. But after a ride like that, who cares?

The orange packs around our waists are life preservers. Each group gets an orientation on how to use them before boarding the aircraft.

Our dining companion, Betty Lewis in the blue shirt and white shorts, is part of the group waiting for the next flight. Life preservers strapped on, they are ready to go.

And the choppers are nearly ready to take on their next loads. There were about 5 of Island Helicopters' birds in this row. All this, and we got a tape of our flight too.
The van dropped us off at a small shopping center on the way back to the ship. We had to do a little shopping while in the islands.

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