The Pier @ Kailua Kona

Island of Hawaii
Friday, October 13th, 2000

Here's a row of the white flowering trees. This borders a tire store.
They even landscape the tire stores in Hawaii.

A young officer holds his cell phone for communication with the ship while a crewman waits to help passengers aboard the tender. Gee, we just got back from Hilo Hattie's—they probably did too—and we're ready to explore the island. They're ready to go back to the ship!
Some of these people take this cruise every year!

A workman is getting the area ready for the triathalon that will take place tomorrow. The red bouys will mark part of the race course for the swimming event.

The Statendam is anchored off shore in the background of this picture.

When we arrive back after our helicopter ride, this fenced area will be crammed with bicycles as close as they can park them. There will be about 1500 of them ready for the contestants to use in that phase of the triathalon.

Imagine swimming 2.4 miles in ocean waters, pedaling along a 112-mile highway, and then running a 26.2-mile marathon through lava fields on the Kona Coast of Hawaii. That's what the 1500 contestants plan to do right here tomorrow!

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