Helicopter Tour

Island of Hawaii
Friday, October 13th, 2000

Back in the Black Lava Beds

We're flying southwest over some of the hotels in the area near the heliport. It's amazing to see the lush landscaping they have achieved on the lava beds.

If you keep up with the PGA tour, you have probably seen this golf course on TV.

Here's another. Sorry about the glare and reflections on these pictures. In the helicopter, you are squeezed up against the window and can not do much about moving the camera to a better angle. Basically, you have to just point and shoot.

Now, we're almost back to the heliport, and our tour is over. This was our last port-of-call in the islands. Stay tuned for the Ceremony of the Leis coming next.

Page last updated November 13, 2000.