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Lahaina, Island of Maui, Hawaii

Trip Day Ten: Monday, October 1, 2007
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The Port Of Lahaina

Needless to say, only those with small boats can find mooring in this little harbor.
That's the reason passengers must use their ship's tenders to get to shore.
Photo by Owen Tyler
Aloha Maui
Photo by Owen Tyler
A Windstar Ship awaits her passengers. They may not be leaving the island until much later.

Photo by Owen Tyler
3:39 PM ~ The last Tender of the day brings in the crew members who have been serving in Lahaina on the dock.

We set sail for Bora Bora. We will cross the equator after 3 days and arrive at Bora Bora in 5 days. It takes that long in a modern cruise ship! Imagine the trip experienced by the first Polynesians who made the trip to Hawaii from Bora Bora or one of the other islands in French Polynesia.

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