Circle Hawaii Cruise

Lahaina, Island of Maui
Thursday, October 12th, 2000

As we glide into position outside Lahaina's harbor, the sun isn't yet high enough in the sky to cast it's rays on the northwest part of the island.

Once the whaling capital of the world, the harbor at Lahaina (La-hine-ah) isn't large enough or deep enough to accommodate large modern ships such as ours, so we will tender to the pier.

Lahaina has been the main town on Maui since the days of the warrior kings. It was also briefly the seat of government (before it was moved to Honolulu) for what is now the state of Hawaii.

Getting the Tenders Ready

There's one.

Now there's two.

Lower it a little.

Lower it some more.

This is what we see when looking over the side of the ship.

And boat number 8 is in the water and ready for service. Actually, number 8 also is our assigned life boat, if we should have to abandon ship.

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