Island of Maui
Thursday, October 12th, 2000

Someone offers submarine rides to the visitors here. And the sub is the white boat moored to the larger boat in the foreground.

The Hawaiian people have welcomed us at each port of call. We have been entertained with singing and dancing on the pier each time. I have no doubt that these entertainers are community-minded volunteers. We have been made to feel welcome in the true spirit of aloha by these gracious people.

Lahaina boasts the largest Banyon tree in the islands. And here it is. The trunk supports a canopy that shades almost an acre. These unusual trees spread their branches, and they put down what looks like additional trunks for support and nourishment. I have no idea how many trunks this tree may have. We were walking to our tour bus, and we really didn't have time to stop and appreciate it at the time.

The big Bay Watch boat was parked on its trailer at the end of the block. No doubt they planned to film in Lahaina that day. That's probably the reason for the yellow tape on the right side of the picture.

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