Paia on the Road to Hana

Island of Maui
Thursday, October 12th, 2000

Named for one of the ancient Hawaiian gods, Maui is formed of two volcanos. And the shape of the island reminds many people of a man's head and body. The smaller volcano, to the northwest is thought to resemble the man's head. And Haleakala, the larger volcano represents the body. The valley between them suggests the neck. This picture was taken in the neck looking toward the head. Sugar cane grows in the fields in this area. This is probably the only remaining commercial sugar cane farming in the islands.

This is the little town of Paia on the north coast. This town is popular with the surfing crowd because the big waves are here and the cost of living isn't as high as in many places.

We stopped at Anthony's Coffee Co. for a few minutes. Although specialty coffees are their main focus, the large apothocary jars on the counter are filled with bulk teas in a myriad of flavors. We just had to bring some Manchurian Mango home.
They ship anywhere. Here's a link to Anthony's website.

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