Haleakala Volcano

Island of Maui
Thursday, October 12th, 2000

The left side of the bus has been the scenic side for most of this trip. But to get pictures of the quick glimpse we had of the Haleakala Crater, it was the wrong side. So I got a picture of our neighbor taking a picture of the crater.

Left: Here's the Haleakala Volcano from the southwest side of the island. Right: This is a canyon on the southwest or west side of the island. These pictures were taken where the road has degraded to a bone rattling paved washboad. This must be the roughest paving job in the world. Even the dirt road was preferable to this! But our tour did take us all the way around the south part of the island—the man's body.

Next, we go back to Hawaii, the Big Island, to visit Kona on the west coast. That side of the island is lava desert, quite different from the humid east coast of Hilo.

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