Island of Oahu

The Blow Hole
Tuesday, October 10th, 2000

We have traversed the whole east side and rounded the southeastern tip of the island. Along the way, we saw high school students get out of school at 2 PM, in time to head for the beach for the rest of the afternoon. Our driver/guide said they stagger the time that students and governmental workers finish their days work. First it's the students, then beginning at about 3 PM it's the county workers, then at 4 PM it's federal workers, so that they don't all clog the roads at once.

Now we are at the Blow Hole. The surf pushes through a hole in the lava rock to make huge splashes when the waves come in. The surf wasn't so big today, so, we only got medium sized fountains. Timing in of the essence in photographing these plumes.

We're looking to the left (east) toward a beach in the distance, that our guide tells is treacherous for surfers because the waves can easily pound them into the sand, head first, breaking their necks. We didn't see any surfers here today.

This attractive little cove is just to the west of the blow hole.
Do you remember the love scene on the beach in the film, From Here To Eternity?
It was filmed right on this beach.

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