MS Statendam

All Aboard!
Wednesday, October 4th, 2000

We're Aboard!

It was close to 2 PM by now, and we were hungry. So, the first thing we did after finding our stateroom was to go upstairs to the Lido buffet. This young man was the first of the Indonesian crewmen that we met. He couldn't imagine why I wanted to take his picture.

After a lunch on tender roast prime rib, we started our own tour of the ship. We went up from the Lido deck and found the Crows Nest Lounge. We found it most attractive, and couldn't resist a shot of downtown San Diego from there.

We finished our tour of the ship, using the stairs because boarding passengers and luggage had the elevatiors in use. Then it was time for the life boat drill. No elevators can be used for this. So we marched down the four flights of stairs to the Lower Promenade Deck for that. Of course with everybody wanting to take the life vests back to their cabins at the same time, we used the stairs to go back to our cabin. Pat was a little weak in the knees after all those stairs!
Sailing time was 5 PM.

Ah come on, don't be a sourpuss, we got to do it whether we want to or not. It's the law!

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