MS Statendam

Around the Ship
Friday, October 6th, 2000

The popcorn lady was there just outside the door any time a movie or lecture was going on in the theater. She was part of the beverage staff, and they were all Filipino.

This was a good time to tour the bridge. Were we lucky! We had to sign up in advance. Then when it was our turn to take the tour, we watched at least 25 or 30 people come out of there. Our tour only had a few. The young Hollander conducting the tour is an officer in training.
(You don't think a real one would have time for bridge tours, do you?)

They don't use wheels any more, and only use the navigational tools of old as back up. They steer with the two joy sticks on the lower left. (That's the rods with the black knobs.)
It's all computers and Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment now.

Here's our tour group—except the photographer. Wish I'd taken names.

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