MS Statendam

Special Occasions
October 7th & 8th, 2000

A Suite Dinner

Holland America tries very hard to make the guests in their suites feel special. One of the ways they do this is to have a special dinner for them. Officers and wives join the passengers at their tables.

The Chief Electrician and his charming wife, were at our table. She's pictured at left with one of our neighbors. We often saw her around the ship escorting her two-year-old son. Families of officers are allowed to travel with them 6-months a year.

Below: These gregarious sisters are pictured with the Chief Electrician.

Indonesian Crew Show

They work long, long hours every day. They're always cheerful with the passengers, whether they really feel that way or not.

They practiced for, and put on a show for us, depicting some of their cultural heritage after they'd finished their regular work, including cleaning the kitchen and dining room after the second seating guests had finished.

Right: Owen poses with an Indonesian bamboo instrument. These are made in different sizes to give different musical tones. The group played tunes by shaking them, very much like the bell choirs do in our Christian churches.

Below: The Indonesian Crew Show cast returns to the stage to take a bow at the end of the show.

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