MS Statendam

Hawaiian Night, Hilo, Hawaii
Monday, October 9th, 2000

We Dress Hawaiian As We Leave Hilo

Above: The Griffin Family
From left: Pat, Ella, and Mark.

Right: Diana Klumpp chats with Sumi, our waiter, while he and Betty Lewis pose for the camera.

Owen & Pat don their leis for the occasion.

Puto, our Indonesian head waiter,
with Betty Lewis

These people did their best to make sure that we were pleased with everything in the dining room. Puto frequently made flambe of some flavor right near our table.

When you are carmelizing sugar, if you will use the cut side of a lemon to stir instead of a spatula or spoon, the sugar will not burn and stick to the pan.
Thank you Puto for that tip.

Dick and Diana Klumpp wore their leis too.

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