MS Statendam

This and That

Dutch Formal Night, October 17th

Or was it so formal? Mark Griffin poses in Ella's Dutch hat. Actually he was attempting to shade his eyes from the extremely strong attack of setting sun rays through the aft windows! The whole back wall of the dining room is a row of tall windows six or eight feet wide. They had exactly 3 shades for all of those windows. When those wear out there will be none. Those in line with the unshaded windows—almost everybody—were out of luck. Well, it's only a problem once in a while. What fun!

This is Adi (audi)

Surprised that we wanted his picture, Adi was our stateroom steward. He cleaned and straightened twice a day. Not that we left any messes for him after we got unpacked and got our suitcases stowed under the bed. He'd come back by in the evening and leave anything put out by the office, such as the Daily Program for the next day and port information bulletins if we were to be in port the next day. He'd turn down the bed and leave a bit of chocolate on the pillow. I do wish the hotel industry would observe how these stewards are taught to make beds. They're comfortable, and don't fall apart when you get in them.

Dayat (diet) serves Owen some ice tea at lunch time.

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