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South Kaipara Peninsula, New Zealand

Trip Day Twenty-five: Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Deer Husbandry on Haumoana Farm

Deer in Pasture

We were a bit surprised to see this pasture of deer off behind the house and garage.
The fence enclosure didn't seem as high as we would imagine would be required to keep them in.
Roasted New Zealand Venison is lower in calories than similar size protions of roasted lean beef, roasted lean veal fillet, roasted leg of lamb, grilled pork steak, grilled skinless chicken leg, or broiled salmon.
The New Zealand deer industry began in the 1960s with small exports of venison from feral deer. In 1970 the first breeding herd was established to provide a continual supply of high quality venison. By the mid 1970s, deer exports had expanded to include velvet. Top quality velvet has become a valuable export to traditional Asian medicinal markets, particularly in the Republic of Korea. The deer industry continues to expand; deer numbers have grown 50 percent over the last ten years.
Kaipara Bay

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