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Arrival at Dunedin, New Zealand   

Trip Day Twenty-eight: Saturday, October 20, 2007

Port Chalmers

WW II Bunkers

At 6:45 AM we passed by these bunkers that were built to protect Port Chalmers and the other communities scattered along the shores of Carey's Bay during World War II.
A Reef Across the Bay

Soon we cross what we believe is a submerged moraine partially blocking the navigation channel in the bay. Moraines are piles of soil, rock and other debris that is pushed along by a glacier. When the glacier melts the debris is dropped where ever the glacier is at that point. These structures are very common in glacial inlets, making ship navigation perilous.


The gannets feed on something that collects in the shallow waters over the moraine.
See pictures of a gannet colony near Auckland.

Sea Birds Over Moraine in Bay

We can easily see the location and extent of the moraine by the collection of birds feeding there.

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