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Port Chalmers, New Zealand   

Trip Day Twenty-eight: Saturday, October 20, 2007


Taieri Gorge Railway

Boarding Train
8:16 AM ~ We were directed along a narrow path between the train and a high board fence. Among the first to board, we were in the first car. Like most scenic trains this one was narrow gauge, and smaller than the behemoths that ride the commercial rails.
It wasn't long before we all had our coats off and our gear stowed in the over-head rack. Our Hostess Ms. Ngaire, was anxiously waiting to be of any assistance that we might have needed. And she soon was pouring the first of the refreshments she was to offer us as the day continued.

Later, we learned that she and the hosts the assistants on each coach were volunteers from the Dunedin area.

It wasn't long before we were on our way. To start our journey into the interior of the southeastern part of South Island, we were transported through the wall of the crater via a tunnel. We were told that this tunnel is unique, in that it is the only rail road tunnel through the wall of a volcano.

The Back Bay

The port is located about half way into Carey's Bay. There is a substantial barrier across most of the bay at that point. Perhaps this is part of the old crater wall. The curvey nature of the route along the shore of the back bay allowed several pictures of this coastline after passing through the tunnel. This water was much too shallow for shipping.

Waves From The Platform

We passed by the old train station in Dunedin at 9:14 AM and got some waves from sightseers at the magnificent building of which the local kiwis are rightfully proud.

Dunedin Railway Station

The Taieri Gorge Railway postcard information states that the design is Flemish Renaissance and that this fourth station for Dunedin was completed in 1907.

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