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Pukerangi, New Zealand

Trip Day Twenty-eight: Saturday, October 20, 2007

On The Taieri Gorge Railway

Hill of Heaven

According to the map provided, the name Pukerangi means Hill of Heaven.
It does appear to be rather heavenly for the sheep ranchers that are out here.
End Of Our Road

Although the railroad continues another 19 kilometers to the settlement of Middlemarch, we will turn around here, 57 km (about 35 miles ) from Dunedin.

Seventh Inning Stretch?

We all piled out of the train to walk around for a few minutes while they readied the train to retrace out route back to Dunedin.


Since they reversed the direction of the train and did not turn it around we were to be treated to the same views as before, so we traded seats with the couple across the aisle so they could get better views of the gorge.

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