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Port Chalmers, New Zealand

Trip Day Twenty-eight: Saturday, October 20, 2007

Otago Harbour

Freighter Loading Under Lights
Freighter @ The Pier

Darkness doesn't stop the business of of the port, that is loading and unloading ships.

Waiting For Departure

Our itinerary calls for Scenic Cruising In Fiordland National Park.
That is the region of New Zealand used for filming Lord of the Rings. A bus load of passengers had set out this morning to travel overland to Milford Sound to spend the night there. Sun Princess was scheduled to pick them up tomorrow before setting course northwest across the Tasman Sea to Sydney.

Our captain became aware that a storm with 100 m.p.h. winds was brewing in the Southern Ocean and was predicted to intersect our course on the way to Milford Sound. So he made the prudent decision to not go there. He notified the bus to turn around and come back to Port Chalmers. We were awaiting their return before departing. We would set a course for Cook Sound that separates the main New Zealand islands and go full speed ahead up the eastern coast of South Island. The Captain of the Ryndam had out manouvered a similar storm on our return trip across Drake Passage on our Antarctic Voyage sailing for Cape Horn.

Milford Sound

These are a couple of pictures taken in that area, so we'll know what we missed.
On the other hand, we really don't want to know exactly what we missed in terms of wind.


Our next pictures will be a selection from the trip up the New Zealand coast then we will see the arrival in Sydney, Australia.

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