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Pago Pago, Tutuila, American Samoa    

Trip Day Twenty: Thursday, October 11, 2007     

Shopping on the Pier

Vendor's Booths Booth

Our tour didn't start until after lunch, so we decided to venture out and take a look at our surroundings near the ship. We discovered this shopping mall on the other side of the warehouse on our pier. We just got started looking at the wares for sale and the clouds that had been lurking all morning decided to open up and spread their bounty on Pago Pago.

The Basket Weaver
poses beside a length of fabric that we bought from her. Do you recognize any of the paterns in the fabric?

We also bought a small woven palm tote bag (much smaller than the one in the picture) that was just the right size to tote a water bottle and our midget-size umbrellas that fold into a roll only about 5" long. We were glad we had the unbrellas along when we made this shopping trip.

The wood Carver

His work was of high quality, and I would have liked to buy one of his pieces.
Sorry now, that I didn't. Most of the booths sold locally made products, but then there was the ubiquitous tee shirt booth as shown in the background.

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