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Circle Island Tour of Rarotonga     

Trip Day Eighteen: Tuesday, October 9, 2007     

A Park Near the Barrier Islands

Near Muir

on the eastern part of the island. We can see breakers on the reef in the distance.

Our Guide Give Some Island History

Cook Islanders are true Polynesians, the finest seafarers of the vast Pacific, voyagers on frail canoes who felt at home on the ocean and who travelled across its huge wastes in search of new lands and new beginnings.The journeys undertaken by these stone age people in their fragile craft dwarf the voyages of exploration boasted of by the Portuguese, Spanish, British, Dutch, and French. Over-population on many of the tiny islands of Polynesia led to these oceanic migrations. Excerpt from the History of the Cook Islands.

Picnickers have tied their boats to the bouys provided at the picnic area.

It is a common occurance for coral reefs to build to the point that they collect enough sand to eventually become low islands. That is the case for these barrier islands.

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