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Avarua, Rarotonga     

Trip Day Eighteen: Tuesday, October 9, 2007     

A Beach To Die For!

If you like privacy on the beach, then Rarotonga is the place to go.
There are a lot of guest accommodations on the island, but it hasn't been changed by tourism.

Passengers Board Shuttle

Our tour rode by the Rarotonga International Airport (RAR/NCRG) which is served by Air New Zealand with non-stop flights to Auckland. We hopped on a shuttle similar to the one pictured to take a look at the shopping opportunities in Avarua.

Get Your Petrol Here
Gas @ $2.46 NZD a liter

At current exchange rates (Jan. 5, 2008), that amounts to $1.897 USD per liter.
One liter = 0.26417 gallons. So, after converting liters to gallons and New Zealand dollars to US dollars, our customer at the pump received 2.125 gallons of petrol for his $15.42 USD. That's about $7.26 per gallon!
Perhaps we Americans shouldn't complain so much about our gas prices.

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