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Arrival at Papeete, Tahiti     

Trip Day Sixteen: Sunday, October 7, 2007     

Papeete Harbor

A red freighter sits dockside at the container dock near the cranes while the ferry from the nearby island of Moorea enters the harbor.
Our Home In Papeete
This picture was taken from our balcony as Sun Princes begins the the parking process at this modern, uncluttered pier. As you would parallel park your car, she's backing into this space. Soon, the backward motion will cease and she'll proceed to move sideways into place. That never ceases to amaze us. With the exception of our first cruise on Ocean Majesty in the Aegean Sea, we have always had port side cabins. That has almost always given us a front row seat for the docking and other associated activities. We find it all fascinating.

Photo Op For Passengers

8:34 AM ~ A couple passengers get a photo of the entertainers who came to welcome us while another Tahiti lady checked the flower supply she was giving to disembarking passengers. Our tour to the Papenoo Valley to see waterfalls wasn't scheduled to go until 11:45 AM, so we had plenty of time to eat an early lunch and watch others scurry into town before we went ashore.
Park Adjacant to the Crusie Docks
Another Pier For Cruise Ships

This was Sunday, and there wasn't much going on in Papeete this day.

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