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Papeete, Tahiti     

Trip Day Sixteen: Sunday, October 7, 2007     

On The Papeete Cruise Pier

The Ferry to Moorea Island
Lovely Gazebo in Park

Can one really call this a gazebo? What ever it should be called, it is a lovely thing.

Eventually we did decide to get off the ship to join the people finding their tour groups at a leisurely pace. We didn't allow ourselves time for any sightseeing, so there was nothing to do but to hang around the pier.

Dispatcher for Tour D
People going on Tour D were loading into some big tour busses. The picture above didn't show a number of people huddled in the shade of a small building patiently waiting for Tour E2 for the Papenoo Valley to see some waterfalls. It was hot in the sun, but the it actually wasn't too hot in the shade.

Have You Met LeTruck?

This is our 4X4 conveyance into the island interior. This picture was taken at 11:36 AM, documenting the fact that we didn't actually have to wait until the scheduled 11:45 before we loaded up. At first we were assigned to a truck that obviously could only hold one more person. They intended to squeeze two people into that one space. I refused to get in that one. There was a fellow in there that was at least as wide as two heavier than normal folks. When they alloted space, they were thinking of little French people, and not the robust types that habitate cruise ships! By shifting around, our group was able to become somewhat comfortable after some time.

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