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Venus Point and Matavai Bay, Tahiti     

Trip Day Sixteen: Sunday, October 7, 2007     

History Made Here

Matavai Bay and Venus Point

James Cook, the explorer, was sent by the Royal Society to observe the Transit of Venus of 1769 from Tahiti. Venus Point was the location where he made that observation. It is also known that HMS Bounty, of "Mutiny on the Bounty fame",
dropped anchor in Matavai Bay in 1788.
Hmm, I doubt if any of these were Capt. Cook's atae tree.

These figures look curiously like the artwork so well identified with the northwestern region of the United States. Our guide didn't identify them or explain their purpose.

Papenoo Beach

Our route took us back to the coastline, and we passed this popular black-sand beach. Though behaving like tame pussy cats today, these waves can be tigers
making this a popular surfing beach.

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